Here are some samples of my music. You have a choice to hear just the music or when available see the picture along with the music.


Letter from God
LFG is a collaborative short directed by Bob Mundy. This is a pretty ironic and quirky orchestral score. I even play trumpet on a few cues for fun.

movie:  coming soon
audio: Main titles : Upside yo head : Choke da bitch : Hallway : Helluva job brownie : the Letter : Touché : End credits
  Di chi é ora la città? (Who's city is it now?)
Città is another short directed by Italian director Omar Pesenti. It is a 70's styled gangster short all shot in Bergamo, Italy. We collaborated once again via Skype. I used a lot of Fender Rhodes electric piano and played muted trumpet to achieve the sound I was after. This is a very moody and dark score. Omar and I finally met in person in May 2008 in Bergamo.
movie: coming soon
audio: Main titles : All choked up : Una proposta : Telefono : Senti coglione : Garage : Chase 1 : Chase 2 : Chase 3 : Chase 4 : Chase 5 : End credits
  God and Country
G&C is a WWII short directed by Daniel Piatt. This is a very Jerry Goldsmith inspired score with many odd meters and lots of brass and percussion.
movie:  coming soon
audio: Main titles : Three men : I'm home : the Germans : Take off : Krauts : Listen to me : Mach schnell : the Kill : Bad news
  Deadly Sins
Sins is a Shakespear inspired feature directed by Greg Christian. This is our second feature film together.
clips:  coming soon
audio: Main titles : Bedroom bella : Proceed no further : Poolside : Doors are open : Lady Mancini : Pre slaughter : Slaughtered : Freak out : Balcony
  Dixon's Girl
Dixon's Girl is a short directed by Fernando Rivero and shot entirely in post Katrina New Orleans.
movie:  coming soon
audio: Voodoo : Child : Afraid : Cemetary : Hotel
  Limbo Lounge
Limbo Lounge was a short that I didn't get but here are the cues that I submitted for the gig.
audio: Elevator : Kitchen

Frattura is another collaboration with with a director that I have yet to meet in person. Omar Pesenti and I first talked in 2006 about another project but he had already hired a composer so we didn't have the opportunity to work together on that film. Fast forward one year and I get an e-mail asking me if I still wanted to collaborate with him. Absolutely! We did Frattura communicating entirely via Skype. We transfered huge files flawlessly and were able to IM each other as well. Frattura is scheduled to be screened at several festivals in Italy this spring. Omar Pesenti is an incredibly talented director and fantastic person to work with. He knows what he wants and knows how to communicate it!

On Frattura I was going for a very Cape Fear type sound. Lots of low brass, french horns and low brooding strings. Special thanks to Serge Kasimov who played the jazz piano for the end credits jazz waltz love theme.

movie: Frattura (9:20) [111mb] | for iPhone Frattura (9:20) [50mb]
audio: Prima Vittima : Tagliando : Pensando : Amore : End Credits (Love Theme)
unused cues 3m41 : 3m56 : 5m14 : 5m41 : Credits 1 (cinema paradiso) : Credits 2
  Q is for Quadrunner
A parody fan film short directed by Steve Maisch. "Jumpin" Jeff Hoffman is featured on guitar.
movie: Q is for Quadrunner (4:00)
audio: Main title : How much? : Are you calling me a nagger? : Hell Ride
  Portraits of Melancholy
An intimate voyage.
none available  
audio: Crepuscule : l'Aube : It's Snowing : la Rabbia: Svegliandosi
  Inside a dream
A dreamer's guide
none available  
audio: You're here : A funky thought : Dream
  Art Matters - a documentary
This is a documentary on the work of local LA artist Alison Mathews.
movie: Art Matters (10:00)
audio: Paint 1 : Paint 2 : Paint 3 : Paint 4 : Paint 5 : Paint 6 : Paint 7 : Paint 8
  Sleeper Cell
This is a project that went unfinished but that had many cues already composed. It is a film noir set in the present day. Sleeper Cell was another Bernard Herrmann influenced score. This time with a wink to Vertigo. I went with 3 flutes on some cues and lots of french horn. As far as samples go for Sleeper Cell, again I used Kirk Hunter Emerald for the strings and woodwinds. I used Project SAM for the brass and SAM True Strike 1 & 2 for percussion.
not available  
audio: Sleeper 1: Sleeper 2 : Sleeper 3 (short version) : Sleeper 4
  The Professionals
This is a project that I am really proud of. It's Sultry and Jazzy with a hint of Film Noir. I once again got a chance to play some trombone, french horn and trumpet as well as all of the orchestral simulation. I even got a chance to play some drums with brushes. There are a couple of cues that went unused but served as the idea launching pad for what eventually made it into the short. The Spell ended up getting re-worked and became Laurie's theme. I gave the other cues italian names as I am quite fond of Italy. Why not?

Laurie's theme (1:30) [45mb] | for iPhone Laurie's theme (1:30) [8.4mb]


Laurie's theme| (unused cues) Una Mattina sul Ponte Vecchio : the Spell : Il Sogno


Cowboy Junction
This has really been a stretch for me. Cowboy is my first score that used the Dobro steel guitar. It was played by specialist Neil Fogel. I also chose to use as many as 4 different guitars in this score. Classical/spanish guitar was played by A.J. Barish. I used the LPC guitar sample library by Prominy to cover the various electric guitars in CJ. Thanks Aki! I also chose to have a very textural score utilizing many sounds from the Atmosphere virtual instrument by Spectrasonics and that's me playing the bass. CJ has about 40 minutes of music and about 35 music cues. I've used just about everything except the kitchen sink.

Intro (3:08) : You don't know me (2:30) : Chopping wood (:46) : Schoolgirl seduction (:30) : Washing up & flipping out (1:40) : Together at Last (4:00)

Intro: You don't know me : Chopping wood : Schoolgirl seduction : Washing up & flipping out : Together at last (end credits)

  Another Foreign Concept
This smart little romantic comedy has a fun ending that all will enjoy.
clips: Main titles : How bad can it be? : Bathroom door : Sorry! : Montage : I hit the jackpot : Take a seat : Make a wish : I got it! : Rules
audio: Main titles : How bad can it be? : Bathroom door : Sorry! : Montage : I hit the jackpot : Take a seat : Make a wish : I got it! : Rules
  Nine Lives
These are the cues that I did for Nine Lives. 9-11 shows the twin towers collapsing as the main character is listening to his lover's message on the answering machine. He realizes that he will never see him again. Hello is the wake-up call to Debra Wilson's character as she realizes that her husband is having a gay love affair. Oops!
clips: 9-11 (1:30) : Hello (2:30) | for iPhone
audio: 9-11 : Hello : Bar scene
  Fair Trade Act
FTA was a project that I was scheduled to do but due to geographic restraints I was unable to complete the project. I did score the kitchen scene though.
movie: Kitchen scene (1:52) [63mb] | for iPhone
audio: Kitchen scene (1:52)
This is the Main Title for the stand up comedy feature Outlaugh. The theme was inspired by the song Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets from the musical Damn Yankees.
movie: Main titles (1:03) | for iPhone
audio: Main titles (1:03)
  Lab Chase
Lab Chase is a scene that was chosen for the INDIECLUB composer competition 2005. It is an orchestral piece using the Vienna Symphonic Library as the foundation. I had Bob McClure and Martin Rhees on french horn, me on trumpet and trombone. We took third place in the contest.
Lab Chase (2:30) [54mb] | for iPhone
audio: Lab Chase Scene (2:30)
  Dropping By
Dropping By was part of the 2003 48 Hours Film Competition. My team consisted of collegues from FOX television's Special Ops department. We used the internet to FTP files from the picture editor to the sound editor and to me for the music. It was faster than driving files from Venice to Hollywood and back.
movie: Dropping by (5:40) [67mb] | for iPhone
audio: Dropping by (5:40) | (alt. versions in progress) 1m1 : 1m2 : 1m3 : 1m4 : 1m5

Waiting is a quirky couples movie with a twist. Two men are trying to adopt a baby and the fun begins when they start the interview process. Very much in the Napoleon Dynamite style.

clips: Cues 1 & 2 (2:07) : Cues 3 & 4 (1:28) : End Credits (:55)
audio: Cue 1: Cue 2 : Cue 3 : Cue 4 : Cue 5 (End Credits)
  Lis & Ogre
Lis & Ogre is a loop based scored short film mixed with live players. Jeff Hoffman is featured on guitar and Daniel Bejarano has a cameo on drums. The train horn sounds are me on trumpet and trombone. I also included a batucada section using some newly aquired brazilian hand percussion. We did this project having never met. This was an internet collaboration from A to Z

Lis & Ogre (9:00) [227mb] | for iPhone


Lis : The Ogre : The Chase : Water Tower


Motherless Child
Motherless Child is a feature film set in a New Jersey ghetto. I was trying to convey the darkness of the film with a bluesy jazz score. I am playing trumpet, trombone and french horn and long time friend Serge Kasimov is playing Piano. This was another internet project although this time we found time to meet in New York in June 2005.


What are you doin' dad? : My side : It's payday : Classroom : The letter : Miss Smith : Steps reading letter : Commencement : Locker room : Do you miss mom? : Gunshots : Police! Open up! : Released from jail : Laying in jail : What's the problem Mikey? : Therapy : Buying crack : Reflections : Hey dad! : Take care of yourself : Motherless child

audio: What are you doin' dad? : My side : It's payday : Classroom : The letter : Miss Smith : Steps reading letter : Commencement : Locker room : Do you miss mom? : Gunshots : Police! Open up! : Released from jail : Laying in jail : What's the problem Mikey? : Therapy : Buying crack : Reflections : Hey dad! : Take care of yourself : Motherless child
Grandma is an animated short that takes place in the jungle. It was directed by friend Frederic Soumagnas. I used my experience playing with african groups, while living in Paris, as the basis for this project. I got the idea to use the brazilian Birimbau after seeing the main character holding a bow and arrow. It just reminded me of the Birimbau. All of the sounds were samples for the exception of me on trumpet over the end credits. I used the EVI to play the flute parts to give it some life. Grandma poster.
movie: GrandMa (8:45) [40mb] | for iPhone | the scoring of Grandma
audio: GrandMa Main Title : GrandMa End Credits : Funky PLOC
  Lisa and Lauren
Lisa and Lauren is a short that was pretty straight forward. I saw it and felt that Sex and the City vibe. I came up with a catchy melody, laid down a Cha-Cha groove, using Culture, then played the melody on trumpet. Then I got funky and grabbed my trombone and knocked out the bone parts over the end credits and done. This was less is more.

Lisa & Lauren Intro (:30) : Lisa & Lauren End Credits (1:00)


L & L Cue 1 : L & L Cue 2


Povertyworks Logo
The PovertyWorks Logo was an add on to a project that I had just completed as re-recording mixer called Kisses & Caroms, directed by Vince Rocca. He wanted to parody the Dreamworks logo so I checked out the original and came up with my version. Oh, and that's Jeff Hoffman again, this time showing his versatility by playing classical guitar.


Povertyworks Logo (:20) | for iPhone

  PHD Productions Logo
This is the logo music that I did for Valerie Weiss' PHD productions. I took a very SCI-FI approach since it was preceeding her Sci-Fi short film Trangressions.
movie: AFI-PHD Productions Logo (:27) | for iPhone
  Dove Commercial
This is a commercial that I did for Dove Soap directed by Diana Cignoni
movie: Dove Commercial (:30) |
audio: Dove Commercial (:30)
INRI was my first attempt at scoring to picture. It was a 60 second or so commercial for German TV. It's all vintage SampleCell.
movie: INRI (1:04) | for iPhone
  First Communion
I was working on First Communion as the re-recording mixer and decided to propose a score to the director. She ultimately went with Gregorian Chant music but I felt that this was not to be wasted. So here is my first rejected score.
movie: First communion (8:25) [36mb] | for iPhone
audio: intro : little girl : the store : little girl's dress : ending

A lot to Ask
A lot to Ask is a quirky short with crazy characters. The director, Tamir Mostafa, had heard some of my jazzy stuff and wanted something similar. So I chose the instrumentation based on his desires and came up with a mix of jazzy ideas and ambient textures. The last scene is me on trumpet. Once again Jeff Hoffman on guitar and Kenny G drummer Daniel Bejarano on drums. For the End Credit music I was trying to capture the Ex-Girlfriend that wouldn't go away with the bizarre repetition of that four note pattern.

clips: All up in his grill (:40) : Sprung on her (1:45) :
You want me? I gotta go (2:25)
: Boy gets girl (1:00) : End credits (1:30)
audio: All up in his grill : Sprung on her : I think I want Her :
U want me? I gotta go
: Boy gets girl : End credits
  Out of the Woods
Out of the woods is another project where I was hired as re-recording mixer and decided to score the short for fun. I never presented my score to the director as he already had a composer.
clips: Woods Scene 1 : Woods Scene 2 : Woods Scene 3 : Woods Scene 4
Woods Scene 5
: Woods Scene 6 : Woods Scene 7 : Woods Scene 8
in progress:
audio: Woods 1 : Woods 2 : Woods 3 : Woods 4
Woods 5
: Woods 6 : Woods 7 : Woods 8
E-X-P-I-R-E-D is a futuristic thriller short that I was asked to re-score. I am trying to convey desperation coming from the main protagonist (husband) and his inablity to accept the death of his robot wife. He has forgotten that his robot has a finite lifespan and it's time for her to be replaced. Thus the name E-X-P-I-R-E-D. I chose an orchestral score for the project. I am playing french horn and C trumpet on E-X-P-I-R-E-D as well as all of the other virtual intruments.
clips: Who are you? (2:00) : All Expired (3:15) [88mb]
audio: Who are you? (2:00) : All Expired (3:15)
  Field Day
Field day is actually an unfinished rejected score. It is a war thriller that incorporates bad dreams and war. I tried to mix an Ennio Morricone type guitar as the lonely soldier confronted with the chaotic drum loops in the battle scenes.
clips: Apartment hunting : The apartment : Ready to see it : Battle : Conflict : He's been shot : Into the sunset : Until that day comes
audio: Field Day 1 : Field Day (battle) : Field Day (orders) : Field Day (flashback) : Field Day (dream) : Field Day (credits)

Cuzin' Sista
Cuzin' Sista is a documentary about an 80 year old woman in North Carolina and it traces her ancestry from slaves to the present. I tried to incorporate african instruments and rhythms as well as jazz elements into the score. This time I had Serge Kasimov on piano, John Silverman playing the acoustic bass and Jeff Hoffman on guitar. That's me on trumpet and singing backgrounds on Groove. This feature has a special place in my heart as none of the musicians actually played together at the same time as they all live in different cities. This was one of my first internet projects where each musician records his part in his own studio and then FTPs them to me for assembly into the final score. AMAZING!

clips: (coming soon)
audio: 1. Jazz : 2. African : 3. Groove : 4. Slow : 5. Acoustic : 7. Miles : 8. Dance 9. Outro

This is a 5 part documentary about the veterans of the Vietnam War. Every May, hundreds of motorcyclists depart from Ontario, California for a ten-day journey across America to the Vietnam War Memorial wall in Washington, D.C. When the motorcyclists, consisting of veterans, families, supporters and friends, reach Washington for Memorial Day weekend, they participate in the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally. Rolling Thunder takes place at the Pentagon parking lot with nearly half a million motorcyclists in attendance. The event concludes with a touching memorial at The Wall.
From the first bike to leave Ontario, to the first tear shed at The Wall, "The Long Ride Home" follows the participants of Run For The Wall across the heartland of America as they travel to small towns, large cities, war memorials, celebrations and veteran hospitals.
We also get a chance to meet the veterans 30 years later and see how strong their bond still is with one another.
This five hour documentary features compelling interviews with veterans from World War I (104 years young) World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom. As Run For The Wall makes its way to Washington, the group is joined by hundreds of motorcyclists from towns all over America, arriving in DC with impressive numbers to show their support for the men and women who have given everything for their country.

Musically, I had to search my youth to remember the sound of the music from those days. Luckily, Jeff Hoffman was a teenager at the time and he has been able to guide me through those crazy years. Check out Jumpin' Jeff. It's like he never left the 60's.

Monsieur le Jumpin' Jeff Hoffman is featured on electric guitar.

  Episode 1
Opening intro : Girl on Bike : Bikes, bikes : FNG 1 : Needles : Williams : End Credits
  Episode 2
Raton : Westphal : End Credits
Episode 3
Overpass : Wentzville : Camping
  Episode 4
Louisville : Welcome Home
  Episode 5
The Wall: The Cemetery : Day 12

The Baghdad Bounce : Vibe : Cops : Samba Oscura : Soft : Dracula 5 : General House-pital : GH 2 : GH 3 Salsa : Glory 1 : Glory 2 : Glory 3 : Glory 5 : I Know Eno : Low Simmer : Ambient 1 : Ambient 2 : Ambient 3 : Gaza

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